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Product Spotlight


Meet the The Gryphon Audio Diablo 120

Integrated amplifiers make home stereo simple. With a single box, often with a built in phonostage, it’s easy to plug all your components in, wire up the speakers and be playing music within minutes. The simplicity also brings limitations. By separating stages into a preamplifier...


Transfiguration Cartridges in South Africa

In many audiophile circles there has been a fierce debate around which component in a system is the most important when it comes to sound reproduction. From amplification to speakers, and even in some far out instances, power cables. Everything comes under the spotlight. At...


Avantgarde Trio review from The Absolute Sound

Avantgarde Acoustics need little introduction in high end audio circles. Well known for producing some of the world finest horn loudspeakers, they often feature in top ten lists of the worlds best audio components. Instantly recognizable by the three colorful horns, the Trio's sit at the...


Odeon Comes to 13hof

Odeon loudspeakers take an unconventional approach with their designs and manufacture. Looking like modern works of art it is immediately apparent that Odeon has produced something that is not only unique, but on closer inspection incredible audio component. 13hof will initially be bringing in the...


The New Gryphon Diablo 300 Integrated Amplifier.

Founded in 1985 Gryphon Audio Designs has three decades of experience in designing and manufacturing audio product that embody the highest standards in audio reproduction. The Gryphon philosophy is to adhere to the strictest quality control with no expense spared on the research, production and...