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My original idea for 13 was to combine the concept of an extraordinary gallery with the permanent exhibition and demonstration of an exclusive Gryphon system – like a Gryphon flagship store for the African continent. Even in Europe and Asia you would struggle to find a similar high-end sound system ready to play – a complete Gryphon chain, which combines the top products of these Danish premium crafters, you will only find publicly available in 4 locations worldwide – one of them being me in Cape Town.


The mighty amplifiers from Gryphon are of course state-of-the-art transistor amplifiers combining sheer power, true-to-the-impulse swiftness and the finest quality of music in an incredible way. But power without brain is of no use, and like in real life the same goes for the core of every Hi-Fi system.

I know from experience, however, what a different – but not less touching experience it is to listen to the unique 4-component Gryphon Pendragon speaker system connected to the right tube amplifiers. As the only real alternative to the existing Gryphon electronics, I therefore also use the equally hand-made Reference Tube Amplifiers of Unison Research.


One way or the other – this unusual “stereo system” will carry you away – your love for music assumed, of course.


Apart from the Gryphon speakers, for me there is  only two other speaker manufacturers that excites me in two very different ways. Avantgarde Acoustics, a German company, and the traditional Prestige series of the oldest speaker manufacturer in the world – Tannoy from Scotland. Both Avantgarde Acoustics and Tannoy speakers of course work very well with the Gryphon equipment. But those who are interested in digital solutions in amplifier technology should have a good look at the innovative products from NuPrime. Unlike all other Class D amplifiers, the NuPrime developers combine the speed and power of this digital technology with great musical understanding. Measured by the sound result, all Nu Force amplifiers and and DAC/Pre combinations are pretty much unmatched on the market. With most of the competitors, any similar sound quality costs several times more than the NuPrime products.


In my opinion there is no better CD player than the Mikado from Gryphon. Please judge for yourself if you can agree to this statement. But definitely right is the general statement that the sound perception and experience of a system can always only be as good as the source permits.


When it comes to choosing the right record player, there are the two most important ambassadors of very different designs facing each other – eyeball to eyeball! Brinkmann und rega! Heavyweight against light-weight! Handmade in Germany versus handmade in England – in peaceful and happy competition. With the record boom, now follows the boom of the record player manufacturers. Record players can be found again like sand on the beach – but not everything is good and keeps the promise evoked by an impressive look. And not everyone who has a CNC machine knows the numerous secrets of an outstanding record playback.


Helmut Brinkmann and the rega team have committed more than 40 years to the record and it is fascinating how well, how thought-out, individual and beautiful their record players are. When it comes to de-emphasizing and enhancing the minute phono signals, I naturally trust the phono pre-amplifiers of Gryphon Audio, rega and Helmut Brinkmann.


At the end of a seemingly complicated process, ideally you just close your eyes, open the ears and simply enjoy.